MT SANCHI | GSC SCR appointed for burning tanker

MFV SEIKONGEN | GSC gets involved in Chili

MV BEST PESCADORES | GSC SCR Appointment, in aftermath of typhoon DAMREY

JACK UP RIBBLE | Grounded at the entrance of Kaliningrad port

MT CHANG HANG TAN SAO | GSC SCR Appointment, typhoon HATO

MV HON CHUN | GSC SCR Appointment, typhoon HATO

FOB INVESTIGATOR | GSC Salvage Consultant mobilised to the Arctic Ocean

MV MED STAR | GSC SCR Appointment


Ongoing projects keep GSC Busy

MNS ADVANCE | Crew Tender sank in oilfield, Indonesia

MT SAGAN | Ran aground at Suwanosejima, Japan

MV APL DENVER | Collision Pasir Gudang, Malaysia

Press Report | Global Salvage Consultancy Group (GSC) signs a MoU with London based Cwaves

Latest Involvement

mtsanchi li

Casualty Name: MT SANCHI
Brief description of events:
The vessel collided with MV CF CRYSTAL whilst transiting through the East China Sea, about 130 Nm East from Shanghai. Both vessels caught fire and whilst the crew of the CF CRYSTAL managed to abandon safely, the SANCHI became engulfed in flames...

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